Thomson Lawrie

Piano Tuner/Technician

Since 1979

Over 40 years experience with Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Petrof, Samick, Young Chang, Heintzman, Mason & Risch and many more.....

piano tuning BIO: Thomson Lawrie is a full time piano tuner/technician living in Ontario's Niagara region and serving and has been serving the Niagara Peninsula, hamilton and Burlington for 40 years. He was active in the Toronto chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild as a registered technician member for 18 years. Besides tuning for a number of concert series, churches and piano teachers, he also provides service for a several piano dealers...    More

old piano “I have an old piano that hasn't been tuned in years”.

So... you have just inherited your grandmother's piano or you found a piano on-line but you aren't really sure how long ago it's been since it was tuned. Chances are it is going to need more than a simple tuning. Pianos that are left for years without service will invariably drop in pitch as the string tension slowly releases over years. You as the piano owner may have to decide whether it is worth the extra effort and possible expense to bring your piano back to life...    More

I'm interested in buying a piano, but where do I start?...

The first thing to establish is whether you are looking for a new or used instrument. The budget is often the deciding factor for many people. For most upright pianos the dividing line between new and used will be around $4500. You might find something on sale for that price but that will be the low end of the price range. If you are in the market for a new grand piano you can count on paying above $12,000 for an entry level instrument. The top end of the grand piano price range will be quite a bit more than a luxury car. The used piano market offers the opportunity to get an instrument for considerably less but finding a GOOD used piano is quite a bit more complicated...    More


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